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Accomodations in Berwang-Bichlbach

The range of accommodations in Berwang-Bichlbach-Rinnen is as varied as the active holiday possibilities in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. Pick and book the right accommodation here!
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Location & Contact

Bergbahnen Berwang
6622 Berwang 120
Tyrol, Austria

Tel.: +43 5674 81240
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Slope map Berwang

Twelve lifts - one cable car, several chairlifts and platter lifts - await you in the family friendly, snow guaranteed ski region Berwang-Bichlbach-Heiterwang from mid-December to early April.
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Berwang-Bichlbach holiday region

Highly modern cable cars & lifts

Bergbahnen Berwang – the company

The history of the family-friendly ski, hiking and biking region Berwang-Bichlbach reads like a classic tale from the history books of Tyrolean tourism. The people in this small, remote village moulded by mountain farmers had to work hard to survive in the Alps over centuries. The winters were long and with lots of snow – nowadays a true blessing for the holiday region! The development of alpine winter sport brought the first skiers to Berwang and Bichlbach. The first ski courses were already held in 1941, while the first ski lift, a single chairlift, only became operational in 1949.

What happened next continues to be a success story to this day. More and more tourists visited the Berwanger Tal in winter and in summer. The foundation of the Bergbahnen Berwang sparked the development of the holiday region, which is now a part of the successful Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. The Sonnalmbahn became the first 4-seat chairlift plus artificial snowmaking system in 1993. Milestones in the Skiarena Berwang-Bichlbach are:
  • the opening of the Almkopfbahn, a combined chairlift and gondola lift (2007);
  • the construction of the Egghof Sun Jet, the first childproof lift in the entire Tiroler Zugspitz Arena (2009);
  • the opening of the first section of the "Obere Karbahn", a ten-seater family gondola (2019); 
  • the opening of the "B-Active Center", a multifunctional building with cash desks, office and rescue area of ​​the Bergbahnen Berwang as well as a sports shop, the ski school office and toilet facilities of our partners (2019).

The Bergbahnen Berwang invest substantial money every year in order to guarantee and even improve the attractiveness of the Skiarena Berwang-Bichlbach.

From 1949 until now

Chronicle of the Bergbahnen Berwang

  • 2019/2020

    • Demolition of the Biliglift
    • Extension of the snowmaking-installation 'Broatla'
    • Adaption of the pistes near the middle station of the Obere Karbahn
    • Construction of avalanche dam
    • Avalanche installation at the Thaneller (mountain)
    • Building completion B-Active Center (early December 2019)
    • Building completion Obere Karbahn I (early December 2019)
    • Grand opening of the Obere Karbahn I and B-Active Center (December 14, 2019 - start of the winter season)
    • Early ending of the winter season on March 15, 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic
    • Inclusion of the Panoramabahn Rastkopf in our Bergbahnen Berwang family (spring 2020)
    • Planning of the Thanellerbahn, a child-safe 6-seater chairlift with conveyor belt entry (spring 2020)
  • 2018/2019

    • Conservation and forest law approval
    • Building permit including clearing permit
    • Taking soil samples
    • Planning B-Active Center
    • Concession procedure Obere Karbahn
    • Start of construction B-Active Center (April 2019)
    • Start of construction Obere Karbahn I (June 2019)
  • 2017/2018

    • Master plan for the replacement of the platter lifts Thaneller and Bilig
    • Acquisition of a central computer-based system for all 3 snowmaking systems
    • Purchase of further 6 state-of-the-art snowmaking machines
    • New website
    • Slope panorama for a better orientation (numbers and names for slopes)
    • Installation of fibre cable
  • 2016/2017

    • Construction of the new artificial snowmaking system for the Biliglift and the Mooslift, additions to the Egghof Sun Jet
    • New, modern snow groomer for perfect slopes
    • Sports shop at the Almkopfbahn valley station (ski rental, ski depot)
    • Winter hiking trails Hochalm - Egghof Sun Jet valley station (always cleared of snow)
    • Fusion of Thanellerkarlifte Berwang with Berwanger Sonnalmbahnen into Bergbahnen Berwang GmbH & Co KG
  • 2015/2016

    • Acquisition of more modern snowmaking systems
  • 2014/2015

    • Conversion of the “Garmischer Hang” ski slope
      from the mountain station of the Sonnalmbahn to the Bärenbad
    • New snow groomer with winch
    • New, modern snowmaking system
    • Another webcam at the Egghof Sun Jet
  • 2013/2014

    • New snow groomer with winch
    • Purchase of further modern snowmaking systems
    • Fitting of a new winding cable - Sonnalmbahn
    • Image video
  • 1991 -2012/2013

    • Purchase of more snowmaking systems
    • New logo
    • New website
    • Extension of the snowmaking system in the Bärenbad area
    • Purchase of snow groomer with winch
    • Purchase of snowmaking system
    • Construction of Brauni platter lift in the Bärenbad
    • Construction of the Egghof Sun Jet
      New, detachable, childproof 6-seat chairlift
      from the Egghof to the Jägerhaus starting in December 2009
      Length 700 m
      Altitude difference 122.30 m
      Capacity 2,300 persons per hour
      Ride time 2 min 21 sec
      Childproof strikers
      Latest technology by Leitner ropeways
    • Construction of Thanellerkar snowmaking system plus reservoir
      for using pure mountain water to make snow
      Reservoir size 75,000 m³
    • Construction of Mooslift ski bridge – safety on the L21
      Safe street crossing for skiers
    • Construction of the Almkopfbahn in Bichlbach
      Combined 6-seat chairlift / 8-seat gondola lift
      One 8-seat cabin after every three 6-seat chair with hood
      Length 1,663 m
      Altitude difference 571 m
      Capacity 2,047 persons per hour
      Ride time 7 min
    • Construction snowmaking system Almkopfbahn
    • Construction Bärenbadlift
    • Construction Egghoflift (now "Brauni")
    • Construction Sonnalmbahn
    • Construction Biliglift
    • Construction snowmaking system Sonnalmbahn
  • 1949-1978

    • Construction Sonnbichllift
    • Construction Almkopfbahn
    • Construction Thanellerkarlift
    • Construction Kögelelift
    • Construction Muldenlift
    • Construction Rinnerlift (1979 extended)
    • Construction Hochalmlift (now Sonnalmbahn)
    • Construction Rastkopflift (now Panoramabahn)
    • Construction Höniglift
    • Construction Hochbichllift
    • Construction Sonnenlift (now Sonnalmbahn)
    • Construction Mooslift
    • Construction Hochbichllift